Eco Builds

Powered by solar electricity
generated from your home

zed power eco builds cnc wood home

CNC Cut Wood

Affordable eco homes and relocatable tiny homes.

zed power eco builds energy efficent timber frame

Timber Frame

Super energy efficient, family homes and structures.

zed power eco builds garden pavilions

Garden Pavilions

Solar powered, cosy, studio rooms.

zed power eco builds solar barn

Solar Barns

Eco agricultural and commercial buildings.

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The days of fossil fuels are nearly over

It is now possible, powered by solar electricity generated by your home to power both your daily life and your personal electric vehicle.

Zed super-insulated homes are so energy efficient that they can be powered by renewable energy generated by the building envelope, and store electricity from the day for the evening using a battery that can last a generation.

It is no longer necessary to receive an energy or fuel bill again. Your home can generate enough renewable energy to offset the embodied carbon footprint of its initial construction within a 30 year payback.

  • Integrated solar generation & battery storage provides power for charging electric vehicles
  • Designs & methods meet UK planning requirements & building regulations
  • Reduces energy consumption to zero & fits with one-planet living
  • Save over one-third in construction cost and almost halve build time
  • The highest standards of design, materials & construction
  • A cost effective means of building

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