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Affordable Eco Homes
& Self-Build Kits

Super insulated and energy efficient
30% cheaper than traditional builds
Delivered as a kit or built for you

  • Designed to minimise embodied carbon footprint and maximise energy efficiency and durability
  • Generates sufficient renewable energy to achieve net annual zero energy status
  • 60 year min structural guarantee on all key structural components and insulation
  • No Grenfell materials or high fire load urethane foam or PIR insulation capable of generating toxic smoke
  • Robust fire proofing impregnated engineered FSC timber

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One Bed Unit

Split level, solar powered home with balcony

All electric hot water production from air source or evaporator plate heat pump. No gas connection. Each building has its own micro electric storage batteries to enable off grid operation for approx 24 to 48 hours allowing net zero annual energy bills.

One Bed Option 2

With access ramp and ample bathroom

Heat recovery ventilation to all rooms with integrated ducting. Low water use bathroom fittings and taps/showers fitted as standard.

Two Bed Unit

With two balconies

Super durable LED lighting with large heat sinks and opportunity for daylight spectrum lamps enhance sense of well being and minimise electric demand. Class A efficient appliances.

Three Bed Unit

South North Facing Option

Aluminium clad timber triple glazed windows and doors for excellent thermal and acoustic performance with low maintenance and long life.

Sustainable, Eco-living

The Zed off grid capable homes are designed with extensive glazed elevations and balcony decks that connect the interiors to the surrounding landscape without overlooking neighbours.

zed power eco homes sustainable eco housing

Built using natural materials and designed to blend in with the host landscape and weather without requiring high maintenance.

Parking bays with electric vehicle charging points provides residents with silent, zero emissions, personal transport, facilitating a low environmental impact lifestyle at a far lower cost than conventional development.

More energy efficient than most permanent building regs compliant housing, and more integrated renewable energy systems and storage, providing a lower carbon footprint at a far lower capital cost than conventional housing.

Make the leap, jump off-grid

Call us on 44 (0)20 8404 1380 or email:

Super insulated and energy efficient, 30% cheaper than traditional builds, delivered as a kit or built for you.

With a build cost of 30% less than traditional homes, the ZEDPower Micro Home is the solution to the most pressing issues within the UK and will allow people to take back control of their future. Quick and easy to construct, this truly flat pack home does not require cranes or technical experience; a group of friends can come together to build this cosy eco-home in days and will have the full technical support from ZedPower as backup from start to finish.

This fully net zero ZEDPower Micro Home is super-insulated, powered by renewable energy and capable of operating with no fossil fuel energy bills. Off-grid capable, it needs only a fresh water supply but with mains drainage and grid connect options. It can be stacked to create multi-storey homes and can support local economies, as all materials are locally sourced. Furthermore, it doesn’t need large factories or infrastructure to produce the necessary parts.

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zed power eco homes sustainable eco housing