Hockney Green

Project information

Client: Testway Housing
Project Date: July 2002
Site Location: Andover, United Kingdom
Project Status: Construction Finished


2006 Housing Design Awards

2008 Sustainable Housing Awards – Low Energy Social Housing Project of the year

Housing that increases the quality of life for its residents (2007)

This small hill site on the edge of the town centre contains 5 terrace houses and 12 flats in a residential scheme. It is designed to be innovative and energy-efficient, incorporating our ZEDstandards and ZED technologies to reduce the need for fossil fuels. Hockney Green achieves an overall level of 4.75 in the Code for Sustainable Homes, with one unit reaching level 5 and one unit attaining Level 6, the highest possible standard. All the units have an upgrade path designed into reach Level 6 as funds allow for fitting extra microgeneration kit.

Zed Power Hockney Green

Zed Power Hockney Green

Zed Power Hockney Green

Zed Power Hockney Green

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