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A leader in zero-carbon design and development.
Self-builder, councilor or major developer?
We provide the expertise from plans to design and build.

We believe in whole life climate neutrality

It is our mission to help everyone on the planet make the transition towards a low carbon future for a greener, healthier world.

Energy Efficiency

Solar Powered heating and cooling systems with zero air pollution and electric vehicle charging systems.

Zero Bills Homes

Off-grid, climate-neutral homes and urban infrastructure with integrated renewable energy systems.

Durable Design

Architecture, construction detailing and cost-effective delivery, product design and masterplanning.

Be a ‘planetary curator’

Learn how to build sustainable eco homes and integrate renewable energy.

ZEDPower to the People

The triple crisis of high energy costs, an overstretched power grid and a massive housing shortage is why we must innovate to create a future that works for everyone. We believe that a better future is possible and we are already building it.

An army of self-builders will be the answer to the housing crisis, with zero fossil energy developments the antidote to high energy costs, lack of affordable net zero homes, overpriced construction costs, land speculation and young people being priced out of the housing market.

We can make this possible.

Make the leap, jump off-grid

Call us on 44 (0)20 8404 1380 or email: admin@zed-power.com

Make the leap, jump off-grid

Call us on
44 (0)20 8404 1380
or email:

How can we respond to a declaration of a climate emergency?

The key criteria is to deliver new homes and urban infrastructure that make no net contribution to accelerating climatic change over the projects lifespan. This makes human development projects net climate-neutral from inception to demolition or their eventual recycling.

Using beyond net zero integrated systems, developed with the lowest environmental impact and the highest living standards in mind, we create next generation spaces that enhance rather than degrade the environment.

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